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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Watch These Guys Try To Sell Microsoft Products Inside An Apple Store

Picture this: you're checking out the latest phones and gadgets inside an Apple store when out of the blue an Apple employee (at least he's dressed like one) tells you straight up that their products suck and you are better off with Microsoft. 

A WTF! moment right? 

Well, that's exactly what happened to a half-dozen customers inside an Apple store when four guys from NelkFilmz, a Youtube channel known for its prank videos, impersonated themselves as Apple employees.
One of the Nelfilmz guys telling an Apple customer to buy Microsoft product
Image credit: Youtube

Naturally, you can imagine the look of the customers when they were told to buy Microsoft tablets or
Android phones instead of "crappy" Apple products. 

The entire stunt didn't last long though as legit Apple employees started to smell something fishy and decided to confront the pranksters. Of course, a good prank needs a good ending but not before a Jerry Maguire-esque "I quit who's coming with me to Microsoft" speech.

Yes, it took a lot of guts for the Nelfilmz fellows to pull this episode off but it's likely the lawyers of the world's most valuable brand won't be impressed.

Anyway, here is the video and see for yourselves if these pranksters has gone too far.

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