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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lego Zooms Past Ferrari As World's Most Powerful Brand While Apple Is Most Valuable

"Familiarity, loyalty, promotion, staff satisfaction, coporate reputation" and a movie that's well-received by audiences cutting across all age groups (not to mention almost $ 500 Million earnings in the box office") are among the qualities that earned Lego the World's Most Powerful Brand for 2015 title according Brand Finance, a global consultancy company which ranks the most powerful brands around the world.  
Luxury car maker Ferrari dropped to 9th place after lording it over the top spot last year. 

In terms of value defined as "brand strength with financial data" Apple cames out as the ultimate King of the Hill. With an estimated brand valuation of at least $ 128 billion (out of US $710 Billion company valuation)  and a fiercely loyal customer base, Apple has mastered the art and science of using its brand to bring in record breaking profits.  

Here are the World's Top 10 Most Valuable Brands for 2015:

image credit: wikimedia commons
1. Apple
2. Samsung
3. Google
4. Microsoft
5. Verizon
6. AT&T
8. GE
9. China Mobile
10. Walmart

Social networking site Twitter was also recognized as the fastest growing brand for 2015. For a complete top 500 list for the most powerful and most valued brands plus the methodology used to evaluate these companies, please view or download the Brand Finance report using this link.

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