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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Stephen King Will Kill Daryl In The Walking Dead Season 6

April's Fools Day prank or not fans of the popular series The Walking Dead (TWD) are in uproar after author Stephen King announced he has been tapped to write the season 6 opening episode and hinted he will be killing a character "who carries a crossbow."

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Describing himself as a rabid fan of the AMC series Mr. King made the announcement on his official website and social media accounts saying he is thrilled with the new project.

While many fans immediately noted the timing of the announcement on April 1st, other TWD series followers were not so amused. Some described it was a cruel April's Fools Day joke while several avid watchers threatened to stage a huge riot if Daryl, the tough crossbow wielding character played by actor Norman Reedus will end-up dead in Season 6.

Mr. King's The Walking Dead season 6 Facebook post has already gone viral with more than 28,500 shares in just two hours from posting.

The Walking Dead season 5 finale broke TV ratings records three days ago with an estimated 15.8 Million viewers. Season 6 begins this October yet speculation on the characters who will end up dead or alive have kept hardcore followers on their toes.

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