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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Watch: Latest Princess Rap Battle: Sarah Michelle "Buffy" Gellar as CINDERELLA vs Whitney Avalon as BELLE

The princess rap battles rages on. The latest video from actress-director Whitney Avalon features the 90's favorite vampire killer Sarah Michelle Gellar aka "Buffy" as Cinderella going head to head with Belle played by Avalon herself.

Cinderella goes toe-to-toe with Belle in Whitney Avalon's latest video
In the video, both Cinderella and Belle get into a no-holds-barred verbal cat fight that's completely devoid of any of the prim and proper behavior expected of a Disney princess. 

Imagine Cinderella making allusions to Belle's fetish for animals or her Stockholm syndrome problem. Or how about Belle calling her rival a trophy wife, baby-maker and gold-digger. Definitely not the kind of video you want your kids to watch and listen but it sure is hilarious. Just to be sure, check out the video and see for yourself.

With over 4 Million views in just two days on Youtube, the Cinderella vs. Belle princess rap battle is expected to go real viral as with Whitney Avalon's other videos.

If you're curious about the other princess rap battle videos, check out the first one uploaded last year featuring Disney's Frozen's Elsa battling Snow White in a take-no-prisoner showdown. This video has now over 24 Million views on Youtube.

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