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Sunday, April 5, 2015

This Digital Savy Nun Builds Websites, Apps To Keep Monastery Going

Catherine Wybourne's twitter handle, @Digitalnun, sums it up perfectly. Yes, she's a Benedictine nun who also happens to run her own full service digital company to keep her cloistered monastery self-sustaining.

Sister Catherine Wybourne @Digitalnun Twitter
Image credit: Twitter

While thousands of members of the clergy have long embraced the internet and other digital platforms to spread their religious messages, Sister Catherine's interest in technology isn't confined to just spreading the gospel. 

According to The Telegraph, Sister Catherine's company, aptly called Vielnet, provides a steady stream of funds to keep the Holy Trinity Monastery going. Website design, maintenance and even social media integration are among the services performed by the company. Vielnet also offers hosting and content management for individuals and businesses.

A former banker, Sister Catherine got interested in computers and digital technology in the 1980s. She was instrumental in getting her religious community to have it's own website in the 1990s and built the Holy Trinity Monastery site  together with her fellow sisters ---all self-taught. She is skilled in coding, developing websites for desktops as well as mobile platforms. 

At 60 years old, Sister Catherine is also an avid blogger and a social media heavyweight. She has over 15,000 followers on twitter and an solid fan base who regularly follows her pod casts and videos on video sharing sites like Youtube, all  tools for preaching the gospel as well as creating better relations with the community.

Sister Catherine and her colleague Sister Lucy also produces audiobooks for the visually impaired and conduct online retreats as part of their charitable and spiritual work. 

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