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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Going Viral: Internet, Big Names Rally Around Bullied Dancing Man, Huge Party In The Works

Artists Moby and Pharell are among multitudes of people who joined the campaign to throw a huge party for a high school teacher who got bullied online for just minding his own business and having a good time. The campaign has now generated more than $10,000 with more pouring in.

Social media news site Mashable reported that a 4Chan user uploaded last February a picture of a man,, later identified as Sean, enjoying a party with insulting comments about his size.

The photo was re-uploaded to Imgur by a concerned netizen who deplored the insults heaped on a stranger who was merely enjoying a party. The image quickly went viral with other internet users sharing the same sentiments and expressed their disgust over the body shaming.

Wishing to right a wrong, Twitter user Cassandra Fairbanks  and her friends from Los Angeles started a campaign to find the dancing man, later identified as Sean, so they can throw a huge VIP party for him. 
Like wildfire, word spread around the internet with thousands of users expressing their support against bullying / body shaming.

Singer Pharell Thomas, Tehcno king Moby and even celebrity blogger Perez Hilton also joined the campaign and offered help to make the party happen.

According to the latest update by Mashable, Sean the Dancing Man will definitely attend the party which would be sometime after his arrival from abroad. He is currently in Kiev, Ukraine and will be back in the U.S. in 2 to 3 weeks. 

Of course, the guy is very very grateful for all the love he is getting.

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