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Thursday, February 26, 2015

America's Capital Has Just Legalized Marijuana

Despite objections from several US Congressmen, the city of Washington D.C. formally legalized marijuana, allowing residents aged 21 years and above to possess up to 2 ounces or cultivate up a maximum of six (6) plants. The move still doesn't allow residents to buy, sell or even smoke pot in public according to a report by Bloomberg.
Washington D.C. residents can now grow up to 6 marijuana plants in their own homes
Over 70% of Washington D.C. residents voted to legalize marijuana (called Initiative 71) last November 2014. Marijuana still remains illegal if found inside federal administered property.

While Federal lawmakers' attempted to render the act useless by cutting funding for its implementation, City officials led by Mayor Muriel Bowser stood their ground and vowed to implement the will of the voters. The US capital joins a growing list of the states such as Colorado, Washington State and recently Alaska that have legalized, in varying degrees, possession and cultivation of marijuana.

Here's what you need to know about Washington D.C.'s new marijuana law according to a video uploaded by the Washington Post:

1. You cannot smoke pot in public. Smoking cannabis in parks, sidewalks, public transport, restaurants and even public housing is a big No-No. If it's public property, it's illegal. And yes, you cannot do it inside your own car parked on the street.

2. You can grow up to six plants of marijuana inside own home. However, you are allowed to have only 3 fully-grown, mature plants at any given time.

3. You can share pot but limited to only 1 ounce. You cannot sell marijuana or even use it as form of consideration for something else (exchange it for anything of value or service).

4. You can smoke pot at home but to be on the safe side better do it inside or out of plain view. It is not advisable to consume cannabis on your front porch or lawn.
Marijuana parody washington post
The Washington Post created a cartoon parody on the legalization of marijuana by the city of Washington DC.
Your can read more about this and other parodies here:
Image credit: Washington Post
According to a Washington Post report, robust growth is expected in the marijuana industry with this development. A marijuana exposition will even be held at a Capitol Hill hotel within the week.

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